Consulting for Automation

Automation has been the basis of our business for more than 45 years.
From the start, we guide your way to implement the right solution for your machines and systems. We analyze the requirements of the machine and develop a customized concept for the efficient design and control of your machines and systems.
We also support our customers to create technical specifications.

Project Management

The project manager is your primary contact during the entire project phase, from the planning to the commissioning of the machines. This ensures that we meet your targets and the control is built to the right standards. (VDE, EN, IEC, UL, CSA, etc.).
We use the CAE-Software E-Plan for creating electrical wiring diagrams.

Safety engineering

Every machine and it’s control have to match national and international safety requirements. To fulfill these safety requirements the control and the machine have to match. Our controls are individually designed to the required
performance level (CE, UL, …).

To ensure the required performance level and taking into account the different safety areas, we analyze if a safety PLC (e.g. Siemens, Sick, Pilz) or a conventional safety relay is the right choice to switch off the drives safely.