Line automation

Automation of lines

To automate a complete assembly line consisting of different machines each with their own PLCs it is necessary to use a line controller to coordinate material flow and communicate the correct process data to the different PLCs in the line.
The interface between the production and process machines is a bus system (e.g. Profibus, Profinet or Ethernet) provided by the line controller to secure material flow and data transfer to the different machines.
Additionally it may be necessary for the line control to communicate with a process control or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system.

Process control (MES)

The production level is connected with the business level by a MES.
A MES system allows a continuous, controlled and bidirectional information flow between the different levels.
Olbricht controls are able to communicate with a MES system via standardized SECS/GEM protocols or according to a protocol defined by the MES manufacturer.