Product identification

Image data processing

Image data processing systems for quality control and for position control information are commonly used in modern production processes.
These systems provide fast and non-invasive quality control and/or position control information. They transfer the data necessary to the machines or line controllers to maintain production.

We usually install image data processing systems from Cognex and Isra and implement them in our controls.


For a continuous manufacturing control it is necessary to know when (date and time), where (which machine) and with which parameter set a specific product was produced.
Identification systems are used to identify products and consumables. These can be barcode readers, 2D-code readers or RFID readers, integrated in the machine with manual or automatic operation. The data is stored and transferred to the MES System.
Olbricht work with all the major Reader systems. (Cognex, Datalogic, BoraIdent, Siemens, etc.)