At OLBRICHT, we have nearly 50 years’ experience in glass production equipment, robotic system integration and cold-end glass processing lines. Whether single cell integration or turnkey glass processing lines, our projects benefit from high precision mechanics and electronics. High accuracy, controllable servo motor architecture is used to produce robust, durable designs with long life-cycles.

Our experience in glass processing allows our customers to increase their quality & capacity while reducing their costs.

OLBRICHT has extensive experience in all fields of automated glass processing including the following areas:

  • Automotive Glass
  • Architectural Glass
  • Technical Glass

Please visit our dedicated glass website to get in-depth information about our glass operations including the following special products:

  • Nipper Rollers for Windshields and Sidelites lines
  • Automatic Windshields and Sidelites lay-up (assembly) lines
  • Automatic Windshields sub-part assembly lines
  • MATADOR™ high speed robotic loading for PLF and DLF glass
  • Robotic Transfer & Handling systems
  • End of Line solutions for Float lines
  • Laminated glass gantries
  • Electrochromic glass lay-up (assembly)
  • Online lamination
  • Line upgrades & modernisation
  • Multi head high speed cutting machines
  • Technical glass grinding
  • Buffering & Storage systems
  • Glass ASRS
  • Test & Control equipment