About Us

About Us

OLBRICHT is a leading engineering company providing solutions for robot-based flexible factory automation systems. Our design and manufacturing capabilities range from standard single-cell applications to multi-robot production lines, from special machine production to complex system integration. We closely co-operate with several leading global robot manufacturers and technology companies to bring our clients cost-effective, efficient solutions.

OLBRICHT, part of ALTINAY Technology Group has a combined experience of almost 80 years in the field of robotic system integration and glass processing lines.

Olbricht machines are state of the art, designed and produced using the most modern techniques to guarantee the highest quality and cost effectiveness. Our long lasting machines and equipment are designed for 24/7 production. They last much longer than the economical depreciation period. Our low maintenance cost underlines the high reliability inherent in our products. Olbricht uses only parts from well-known suppliers, with worldwide availability. Our custom made parts can be supplied at any time even 20 years plus after the machine was commissioned. New machines are designed and produced in accordance with the needs of the customer. During the long tradition of Olbricht Automation GmbH we have learned to develop prototype machines to be as long lasting as a production machines.

We work with our customers according to their specifications. We design and build equipment from individual machines up to fully automated turnkey production lines. We are innovators in the development and manufacturing of machines for new product ranges. We specialize in automating production processes, allowing the customer to manufacture new products efficiently and to a high quality.

OLBRICHT is a reliable partner operating in the following business areas:

  • Glass processing Technologies
  • Transfer Technologies & Material Handling
  • Intralogistics & Warehouse Automation

We have successfully completed numerous systems integration and industrial automation projects in all five continents.

OLBRICHT, incorporated in Düsseldorf and with offices in Hamminkeln and Istanbul employs 70 staff, half of which are engineers and PhD’s. Our experience in Glass processing and handling technologies as well as material handling & intralogistics allows our customers to increase their quality & capacity while reducing their costs.