FMCG & Pharma

FMCG & Pharma

As Industry 4.0 penetrates deeper and deeper into more traditional industries such as FMCG and Pharma, the need for expert guidance and advice on discrete automation or flexible factory automation increases. OLBRICHT, with its expertise in the field is a perfect partner when companies want to develop their flexible automation capabilities.

Efficient, high quality production and intralogistics is crucial for FMCG companies to gain or maintain competitiveness.

Flexible factory automation investments from OLBRICHT allow our customers to become and remain competitive in their markets. We have collaborated with players in the FCMG Industry for over 40 years in automation projects in all aspects of production and warehousing.

Our multi-disciplinary experience, from electro-mechanical engineering to robotics, from process engineering to warehousing automation, allows our teams to seamlessly integrate Industrial Automation projects for the Consumer Durables Industry.

Whether it is a single dedicated assembly machine, or a turnkey automated factory project, we pride ourselves at ALTINAY in contributing to our customers’ success.

ALTINAY can support you in the following areas of expertise:

  • Packing & Palletizing / End of Line Solutions
  • Assembly
  • Transfer and Intralogistics
  • Warehouse automation

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