Olbricht machines are state of the art, designed and produced using the most modern techniques to guarantee the highest quality and cost effectiveness.

Our long lasting machines and equipment are designed for 24/7 production. They last much longer than the economical depreciation period. Our low maintenance cost underlines the high reliability inherent in our products.

Olbricht uses only parts from well known suppliers, with worldwide availability. Our custom made parts can be supplied at any time even 20 years plus after the machine was commissioned.

New machines are designed and produced in accordance with the needs of the customer. During the long tradition of Olbricht Automation GmbH we have learned to develop prototype machines to be as long lasting as a production machines.

Olbricht machines are used in the glass preparation (stacking, buffering, handling, cutting, breaking and grinding).

They are used to produce Photovoltaic-Modules in continuous production processes, especially for handling, paring, lay-up, foil trimming, edge deletion (thin film), inspection, power measurement, labeling, in the classification and packaging of the modules.

Our machines are also used for pallet packaging, some of which have been in continuous use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 15 years. We produce electrical control cabinets and design PLC software for our own machines as well as for machines from other manufacturers.