Glass technology

Glass handling

Palettierung von Flachglas
Loading and unloading Equipment for Machines and Automatic lines for Flat- and Automotive Glass
Palletizing of Flat Glass with String, Paper or Rack Spacer

Aufstapler/Abstapler für Flachglas
Stacker (line unloader) /Destacker (line loader) for flat glass with/without Side-reference system, 2-sided, 2 pallet positions 

Stacking of automotive glass by means of camera vision system for part recognition with Cycle time 6 s and High stacking accuracy

Handhabungs- und Verkettungsmaschinen
Handling Systems and conveyors for flat and automotive glass production lines (Belt-and Roller conveyors, 90°-Transfers, Turntables, Lifting and Vacuum transfer devices)

Glass-Accumulators for buffering, cooling, drying, etc. for flat and bent glass

Pallet Change devices
Linear/rotation rack change device, X-Y Pallet change Device

Automatic assembly system
Automatic Assembly system for Electro-chromic Glass with 300 addressable Vacuum cups and auto adjustment of 3 vacuum cup rows.

Paper application system for thin glass

Glass processing

CNC Schneidmaschinen
CNC cutting machines for flat and automotive glass with:

  • Compact breakout system
  • Glass position detection system

4-Head-CNC- Shape cutting Machine
(for automotive mirrors and small shapes)

CNC-Schneid/Brechsystem für Automobilglas
CNC-Compact Cut and Breakout system for automotive glass and complex shapes

Glass Grinding Machines:
Rotary CNC Grinder with automatic breakout machine

Schneid-Brech-Linie für halbe Floatformate
Coated Glass
Cut-and Breakout Line for coated glass (Half-float size)

Brushing machine:
Brushing machine for thinfilm substrates with vacuum dust collection system

Laminated Safety Glass for the automotive industry

Verbundsicherheitsglas (VSG)
Nipper Roller for laminated windshields

  • horizontal
  • vertical

Vorverbundrolle und Vorverbundfertigungslinien
Nipper Roller System for windshield assembly line and sidelite assembly line

  • With Programmable adjustment for cross curvature and pressure

Windshield assembly line and prelaminating line.

Assembly line for laminated sidelites

Fully automatic Assembly and Prelaminaton line for automotive Sidelites, Sun-roofs and Windhshields

  • Cycle time: approx. 15 sec.

Assembly and prelaminating line for windshields and sidelites

Automatic nipper line for laminated sidelites including camera visions system and shuttle loading into nipper press. min part size 350 x 350 mm