Automatic Processing lines for crystalline Photovoltaic Modules

Manual assembly line with; capacity approx. 5MW
Semi Automatic Module assembly line; up to 50MW
Full automatic Module assembly line, 50MW

Backend Module assembly line for thin film photovoltaic modules

Backend Lösungen für Photovoltaik-Module
Semi Automatic Module assembly line; up to 50MW
Full automatic Module assembly line, 50MW

Automatic machines for the manufacturing of PV-Panels

Automatic Edge Deletion Machine (1-head; 2 or 4-Head) for thinfilm Modules

Isolation Test according to IEC 61215, IEC 61646

  • Dry and wet
  • Inline and offline

Sun Simulator (flasher) for Photovoltaic Modules

Photovoltaik Moduletikettierstation
Photovoltaic Module Labelling Station with DATA Matrix Reader, Barcode Reader, MES Connection

Laser Markierstation mit Handbeladung
Laser Identity-Marking with manual load device (Data Matrix Code) for PV-Modules

Rahmung und Backrailmontage
Framing and Backrail assembly

  • Butyl
  • Tape
  • Semi-or fully automatic with robots

Roboter Trimming Station
Robot Trimming station

Semi Automatik Tabber-Stringer

Junction Box Applikation
Junction Box Application

  • Loading and positioning template
  • Press cylinder

Device for exact positioning

Vorrichtung für Anschlussdosensetzstation
Junction Box Setting fixture

PV-Module Trimming station (manual, for all foil types)

Framing station:

  • Semi,- fully automatic
  • Silicon or Tape application
  • With automatic frame element placing

Pairingstation for:

  • Front-and Backglass
  • Frontglass and Tedlarfoil

With integrated ribbon tilting device

Kontroll- und Inspektionsplätze für Solarmodule
Inspection station for Solar Modules

Module Buffer:
Accumulators for buffering, cooling, drying, etc

Laminator Beladeshuttle
Overhead Laminators Loading Shuttle for Solar modules.

Fully automatic packing systems for solar modules.