Flat Glass

Flat Glass

Flat glass processing and handling is at the centre of OLBRICHT’s core compentecies. Almost 50 years ago, Eduard Olbricht established his company, designed and built the first automated glass stacking machine. Many things have changed since those days, but we have maintained the same philosophy that the company was built upon: Robust machines built with reliable German engineering.

From single handling cells, to turnkey float glass lines, OLBRICHT supplies a wide range of needs to both architectural and technical glass manufacturers.

Alongside more standard products these are some of our showcase items:

  • Automatic lay-up (assembly) lines for laminated glass
    • Fully automated systems for glass-PVB-glass assembly
    • Fully customizable parameters
    • Multiple foil capability
    • Batch processing with nesting software
    • Ideal for electro-chromic glass assembly
  • Automated loading/unloading
    • Flexible Robotic loading system for thin glass: MATADOR™ (Patent Pending, max 240 kg glass plate)
    • Jumbo size laminated stackers and de-stackers
    • Robotic loading/unloading systems
    • Speed, flexibility, efficiency and, reliability! This is why the use of robotic glass stacking systems is increasing every day. OLBRICHT proposes solutions including for Jumbo glass that can be seamlessly combined with papering and stringing options
    • Traditional stacking/de-stacking systems
    • Papering & stringing options in vertical and horizontal directions
  • High precision facet grinding for Glass scale grinding
  • Testing & Control
    • Glass Inspection / Vision Systems
    • Automatic Pummel Test Machine for Laminated Safety Glass

Testing Machine of the bending strength of tempered Glass